Thursday 31 January 2013

Mehran Muslimi Talks About iPhone Weight Loss Apps

11.      Lose It
If you have an iPhone or iPad and is having problem with reducing in your weight, Lose It is the perfect application for you.  Lose It has been developed to help users set their targets and establish their daily calorie target that they would use every day. This application is easy to download which makes it easy for any user to install into phone. There are lots of features that include attractive streamline interface that is friendly and simple, a database of activities and foods that would help one reduce or lose it.  For those who are unable to make their recipes for their foods, the application is made in such a way that logging in with a user’s previous meals is possible as the person track the calorie.
22.      Mehran Muslimi Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker
This iTune App for weight loss is one of the best in Apple Store because it has more than 1.5 million foods that would help people lose weight with calorie counter. It has been featured in Marie Clarie, CNET, NY Times, Family Circle, USA Today, Shape and more with great customer reviews. The free barcode scanner of this application would help a user find foods that you must have eaten without a cost. It does not have a challenge with syncing with the internet from your iPhone. The backup online would help you keep your data even when you misplace your iPhone or iPad. Other people can be incorporated into the program as a motivation. You do not need an internet connection always because you can work offline.
33.      Couch –to-5K
Mehran Muslimi With the numerous health & fitness Apple App in the store of Apple, Couch-to-5K is the best, winning the 2012 Appy Award for best Healthcare and fitness application.  This is the simple to install and the features that come with this application is mind blowing. trainers designed this application’s training plan.
Years back, most people would not believe that their handheld phones would be able to help their shed weight. Today, Apple Apps have a lot of weight apps that have been designed for those who would want to lose weight with instructions and programs all installed in iPhone and iPad. Apple Store has become a home for those who want to develop exceptional applications that would make a difference in the world of competitive application development. 
The reason for this is because any application that is introduced into the store of Apple should be able to offer great features that are unique and would help make Apple better than it is.  This is the reason why applications for weight loss programs are one of the favorite of Apple because of the demand of men and women who want to come down with every available means at a reduced cost say Mehran Muslimi

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